Thursday, July 15, 2010

Now It's a Sitewide Sale

I started my Christmas in July sale a little early, but today it becomes site-wide on Etsy. The sale will be site-wide through July 25, but mine will last until the end of the month - unless all 19 rosaries I have on sale are sold before then (I've already sold 3).

Rather than take a percentage off the price, I've marked down a group of rosaries to a flat $10.00. Since their original prices varied, some are a better deal than others - one of the 3 already sold was the biggest bargain, but there are still some good ones left. There are both 5-decade and Franciscan Crown rosaries included.

I've set up my featured items so that all of the rosaries showing in the box on the right-hand side of this blog are in the Christmas in July sale. If you click on one of the pictures on the right, you'll find yourself in the Christmas in July sale section of my Etsy shop, where you can see all the rosaries on sale for $10.00 (and, of course, if you don't find anything you like there, there are still about 85 rosaries in the shop that aren't on sale).

-- That's today's commercial. The whole reason I started this blog was because the general wisdom among people who sell on Etsy is that, to be successful, you have to tweet, facebook, and blog. There's no way I'm tweeting or facebooking, but since I like to write I figured I might be able to blog. So there has to be a commercial occasionally to keep the Etsy gods happy. Tomorrow is a Very Important Feast Day when it comes to rosaries, so I won't be posting a commercial - but there will always be pictures of rosaries you can click on to get to my shop. There will even be some that are directly connected to tomorrow's Very Important Feast Day.


  1. Laught out loud (LOL) I enjoy your commercials!


  2. The feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel?