Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nice to See Some People Still Around

According to the records, it's been just over two years since I last did a blog post. I'm not sure why I'm writing one now, or what I'm going to write about, but thought I'd see how it would go.

One nice thing is looking at my "dashboard" (which I also haven't looked at for two years) and seeing that some of the blogs I was following two years ago are still active and posting - some within the last few hours, even more within the last few days.

My "rosary business" has been going on Etsy all this time, and has been relatively busy. You can see some of the items in the "Etsy Mini" that's always at the side of this page. One thing that's been a surprise to me is the popularity of Lutheran prayer beads. I learned to make them for a craft fair at a Lutheran school. They didn't sell at the craft fair, so I started listing them on Etsy where they did sell - and I've been making them ever since.

For those not familiar with them (which is most people), Lutheran prayer beads are set up so that they can be used as a Lenten devotion, with one bead for each day of Lent. One fun thing about making them is that, in addition to weekday smaller beads and Sunday larger beads, I get to pick out an "Easter bead" which is larger and/or brighter than the other beads. Each set of beads comes with a flyer that has quotes from Martin Luther's Small Catechism for meditation - either during Lent or any other time. I don't find anything in the meditations that goes against my Catholic beliefs, although there are different slants on things (I don't think I've ever "quaked in fear" over my sins - maybe I should).

I still sell more Franciscan Crown rosaries than I do Lutheran prayer beads (the Franciscan Crowns come with a pamphlet, too). The two of them together probably make up about half of all the rosaries I sell, I think because they're relatively difficult to find.

Here's my most recent set of Lutheran prayer beads, made of fluorite which seems to be a very popular stone. I'm in the process of making a "regular" rosary from fluorite because the ones I've had have sold. Clicking on the picture caption will take you to my shop page that has information on this item: 

Lutheran prayer beads in fluorite
Lutheran prayer beads in fluorite