Sunday, July 25, 2010

It Can't Be

To anyone reading this: I seriously need to sell some rosaries. Not only do I have 122 of them in my Etsy shop (124 by the time I finish listing this morning) but I'm running out of rosaries to make - which I didn't think was possible, because I had so many of the parts grouped in little plastic bags just waiting to be put together. But back when money was coming in because people were buying Easter and Mother's Day gifts I got brave and decided that I wasn't going to add funds to my PayPal account: anything I spent would have to come from sales. And there haven't been too many of them lately. There have been some, for which I'm very grateful - I had enough to buy two sets of lampwork beads to go with two sets of glass pearls that were still waiting for "Our Father" beads. But otherwise I'm starting to catch up with myself.

This could get serious. I might even have to start cleaning my apartment.

I do have a whole group of rosaries that need to be taken apart and restrung. When I got my one neutral feedback on Etsy because some of the seed beads broke on a rosary, I pulled all the rosaries made with those same seed beads. They've been sitting in the inactive section waiting to be remade with better (I hope) beads. Since the broken beads were green, these include half of my Irish-themed rosaries; I'm down to two of those in my shop, so I really need to get them listed again. I haven't been taking care of this because, of course, it's not as much fun as making new rosaries.

But it might be better than cleaning my apartment.

I now have three rosaries listed that have lockets as centers - two copper ones and one gold-tone. I feel kind of proud of myself for having found these. The seller had them listed as "connectors" and said there was "a woman" on them. Well, the connections are set up perfectly for a rosary, and the woman is Our Lady of Grace. I think, myself, that it would be kind of fun to have a rosary with a locket on it. It would make a great gift. Anyway, here are the current three. Clicking on one will take you to more photos and a full description:

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