Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Picky, Picky

While putting a particular rosary together the last couple of days I realized I didn't like it all that much. I'd planned it out ahead of time, but the reality didn't live up to the idea.

My first thought was "List it anyway. Maybe someone will like it better than you do." But it isn't on par with most of the other rosaries I have listed. My second thought was about all the trouble of taking it apart and hopefully finding new ways to use the different components. My third thought was of all the rosaries I already have in my Etsy shop and how "building inventory" isn't a big worry right now. Why list something I don't love?

So you won't be seeing this rosary in my shop - as one rosary. You might see parts of it in several rosaries, or you might see it as a necklace (which actually could work well).

How about a couple of pictures of my latest rosary that I do love? The small beads are kyanite and the large ones are south sea pearls: 

More pictures and a full description are here
On to something else...

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