Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Matched Set

I love mahogany obsidian. I had a Franciscan Crown made out of the stones, but it sold months ago and I haven't had any in my shop since. But now I have two Catholic five-decade rosaries of mahogany obsidian (the larger of the two also has some red tiger eye, which is a great color match and adds some luminosity). I purposely made them as a matched set, with the same center and crucifix, but because of the stones used the two are very different in size and weight. So I'm thinking of them as a "his and hers" set, with the larger, heavier one for "him" and the lighter one for "her" - although, really, both of them could be used by either sex. Not wedding rosaries, probably, because of the dark brown and black coloring, but they'd be perfect for a couple who want to add a new level to their prayer together.

I thought about selling the rosaries only as a set, but I realized that as a single person I'd be unhappy if I weren't given the chance to buy just one of them, so they're listed separately in my Etsy shop. But I'm offering a 25% discount if someone purchases them together - details are in the Etsy listings for the two rosaries.

As with most of my creations, these probably won't be repeated. So if you and your spouse would like them - or you know a couple who would - this is your chance.

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