Monday, March 28, 2011

Team Tuesday - March 29, 2011 - Midnightcreations

We're highlighting a member of the Etsy Blog Team this week. Just through the luck of the draw, we have another Etsy purse shop to feature. But that doesn't mean it's basically a repeat of last week's post, because each shop has its own flavor.

The purses and totes in Midnightcreations' shop get a lot of their character from her quilting background. Quilting fabrics are commonly used, and usually the fabric is layered with fleece, making the item more substantial.

The shop also has its own variety of selections available. One section is filled with matching totes and purses that are sold as sets. This is my favorite:

Another section offers carabiner coin purses, with clips to attach the small purses to your belt, backpack, or anything else you might be wearing:

The carabiner coin purses are one aspect of something that sets Midnightcreations apart - a nice selection of small sized items that can be easily carried or tucked away. Some coin purses come with a pocket mirror, making them perfect for carrying what you need for a quick touch-up. Here's an example:

Also available are wristlets, slightly larger cosmetic bags with snaps, and a few different things such as "tissue cozies", eyeglass cases, hair scrunchies, and face scrubbies. The picture below shows face scrubbies made from black and white chenille:

Another feature of Midnightcreations is the presence of sale sections where you can snap up "slightly imperfect" items for $5, $10, or $15. Can you believe this beautiful cosmetic pouch costs only $5, because of an asymetrical zipper (that works just fine, by the way):

Whether you're looking for a tote with some "substance" to it, a small case to clip to your belt or tuck away, or a bargain from the sale sections, Midnightcreations is a fun place to browse.


  1. We have such talented Team members, thanks for sharing! Your newest follower from the EBT, welcome!!

  2. Another purse maker here too from the EBT - though we make pillows mostly : )

    Saying hi! I love the calm waters in your blog background - is that local?