Monday, March 14, 2011

Team Tuesday - March 15 - teener1416 and AllThingsEclectic

One seller with two shops today - from the "Helping the Hectic" team (for Etsy sellers who work a day job or are students).

I wanted to get the teener1416 shop posted awhile before Easter because it's all about decorated eggs. Eggs etched with intricate and often traditional designs. They aren't just for Easter, of course, but would be gorgeous decor all year round. One thing I especially like is the description in many of the listings of how the etching is done, especially when a traditional European method is used. Here are just a few examples. Clicking on any photo will take you to that egg's description:


The other shop (AllThingsEclectic) is all about cards - but not just any cards. These are handmade and hand embellished "shabby chic" cards. The embellishments - especially the flowers - make them a three-dimensional experience. Here are some to get you thinking spring (the last two are close-up views):

Hope you enjoy these ready-for-spring shops as we shake off the last of winter.


  1. I have a couple of Teener's eggs and have also given them as gifts and they are even more beautiful in person! She is quite a talented and skillful artisan to say the least. Thank you for posting this great article. I would recommend her shops to anyone!

  2. Those eggs are so awesome! Love them.