Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pre-Lent Special

Easter is late this year, with Ash Wednesday not coming until March 9. It's so late, in fact, that the rest of us get to celebrate with the Orthodox this year.

From now through March 2, I'm having a pre-Lent special in my Etsy shop, with 20% off all Lutheran prayer beads. Since one way to use them is specifically as a Lenten practice, it seemed like a good time to offer them at a discount.

Those who've been reading for awhile might remember that I made a bunch of these for a craft fair and didn't sell any (I have sold several through Etsy, though). I'm adding them gradually to my Etsy store, but still have a number that aren't listed yet. If anyone's looking for a certain color or style and you don't see it in my shop, let me know and I'll tell you what I have available.

Since even most Lutherans don't realize there's such a thing as Lutheran prayer beads, I'm offering a pamphlet to anyone, even if they don't buy a set of beads.  I just need a mailing address - send that to me through my Etsy shop, so you don't have your address sitting on the open internet.

You'll see one set of Lutheran prayer beads in my "Etsy-mini" on the right side of this page. Here are a couple more:

Well, my different kind of challenge went over like a lead balloon. Not a single taker. I'll still try to keep up with it myself, although there's not much incentive with no one else involved. For now, I'm concentrating on getting ready for taxes.

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