Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Here Comes Everybody"

It's a bit ironic that the title of this post is a phrase James Joyce used to refer to Catholics - and I'm using it to refer to Lutherans. I've been selling more Lutheran prayer beads than rosaries lately. In fact, I just had my first contact from a Lutheran who actually knew about Lutheran prayer beads before she saw them in my shop. Maybe the word is getting out. They might be selling especially now because some people use them specifically for Lent - my 20%-off pre-Lent special is still running through March 2, leaving a week for shipping before Ash Wednesday.

The person who'd heard of them wanted to see all those I didn't have listed yet, so I took photos of two views of each of them: an overall shot and a close-up showing the stem and Easter bead. I wouldn't normally list an item with only two photos, but I may do so with these rather than wait until I have five photos of each. Thing is, if I list all of them I'll have more Lutheran prayer beads listed than anything except "other rosaries". They'll definitely overpower the Anglican rosaries in the ecumenical rosary section!

BTW, James Joyce didn't mean "Here comes everybody" to be a compliment. But I rather like it. It gives me the same sense of pride as Hitler's designation of Americans as "the great mongrel race" - positive pride, I think, that even people that others look down on are welcome (at least when things are working the way they should). I'm happy to be catholic with a small "c" - which, if you look at their creed, includes Lutherans.

Here are a few sets of Lutheran prayer beads that I already have listed:

You can see more in the ecumenical rosaries section of my Etsy shop.

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