Monday, October 18, 2010

Time's Getting Short

It's now only five days until the craft show, and I've still completed only five Lutheran rosaries because I'm still waiting for more crosses and centers. The crosses I could buy locally but they'd be more expensive. Finding non-Catholic centers is more difficult - I've been ordering two-to-one connectors that are meant to be seen and that are in a triangular shape (that is, not just a bar with two loops on one side and one loop on the other). But I have the bodies strung for 17 more rosaries and have beads set aside for three others. I'm getting a little tired of stringing beads and I imagine that later on I'll be tired of attaching stems and crosses.

If all of those get completed, I'll have 25 rosaries for the sale. I have no idea how/if they're going to sell, so I might stop with that number. Besides, there's so much else that has to be done - I can't spend all my time making rosaries. If I'm going to sell greeting and note cards like I'm planning, I need a good number of hours to work on them (after I make a trip to Staples for a couple of colors of ink I'm running low on). I think I have about everything I need for my display, but still have to make signs and price tags. I even have to find something to wear. One list of tips on the Etsy forum says to be "casual but chic." I'm pretty good at casual, but not so hot at chic.

A lot of the things I'm worried about are issues because it's my first show (oh, and I can't forget to pick up change). I'm glad it's a small show. I'm not so sure I'm glad it's one I'm needing to make an entirely new inventory for.

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  1. I have faith in you! You can do this I am sure it will turn out great I will keep you in my prayers. Hey it gave you a chance to expand your inventory if nothing else.

    I am sure you will enjoy yourself!