Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adding to the Inventory

Well, the craft show was a total bust. It's some consolation, I suppose, that it wasn't a total success for anyone; the organizer said she'll do better on publicity the next time - when, hopefully, they'll give her more than three weeks to pull the whole thing together. My main problem, I think, was that I didn't have anything for sale below $20 (there was too much to do, so I didn't sell greeting/note cards as I'd been planning to). People just weren't spending that much money. The person next to me was selling jewelry in the $20+ range and had one sale all day. 

So, anyway, this means I'll be adding a lot of Lutheran prayer beads to my inventory. I did give out a number of brochures and business cards to interested people, so maybe we'll start a trend. The more I read the brochure on "Praying the Small Catechism with Beads" the more confused I am by it. I'd love to discuss it with a traditional Lutheran; I was actually hoping I'd be able to do that yesterday, but the chance didn't come up. The meditations seem more fearful of God, and more centered on living correctly, than I'd expect from a denomination with the mantra of salvation by faith alone.

I did learn some things I'd do differently at my next craft show - whether or not it's at a Lutheran church. Some of these involve my display, although I was basically happy with it. An acquaintance of mine whom I hadn't seen for a decade or so was also selling, and she took photos of my display on her Blackberry; when she emails them to me I can share them.  Until then, here's the first set of Lutheran prayer beads that I've added to my Etsy shop. I started with it because I wanted to send an appreciation picture to the Etsian I bought the cross from. I used this set of beads as my central display and both it and the cross got a lot of positive comments - although, of course, it didn't sell:


  1. I'm sorry Trudy!! I hope you do another one. I know when I was protestant that they use fear alot to keep everything going. I think because of the lost of real presence of Jesus on a personal experience they teach a religion of fear. My mom is whole-hearted fundamental baptist she fears of being worthy to rise with the Lord in the rapture as they teach. For a religion that teaches that your onced saved always saved they have alot fear taught them it is said.