Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To Wear or Not to Wear

Just posting a link today to a blog post and related comments that rosary makers and users might find interesting. The post was written by a Franciscan priest and is called "Faculties for Blessing Fashion Accessories".

A new thing for Etsy shoppers  - coupon codes! Any reader of this blog can receive a 20% discount on their order from my Etsy shop (not counting tax and shipping) by entering the coupon code: BLOG2. If you haven't been to my Etsy shop, you can find it here. This offer is subject to change. 

And since it will soon be December, here's a link to a December birthstone rosary I made recently using genuine blue zircon (as usual, clicking on the picture will take you to more photos and information). When I have a chance to take photos of it, I'll be listing one made of blue topaz (sometimes used as a substitute for the pricier blue zircon); when my supplies arrive, I'll be making one of blue zircon colored Czech glass (which is almost as hard to find as the real thing).


  1. Trudy

    Very interesting blog about the rosary being worn...I have mostly seen Latino's wear them in my church we have several...

  2. Thanks for the link; I meant the post mostly in fun. Thanks for your witness and the encouragement of meeting you!